My Wedding Speech

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Mom & Dad - You are almost perfect parents! It’s true - there is no such thing as perfect parents but honestly you two seriously came so close! Thank you for showing me what a healthy marriage looks like. Thank you for instilling good values in me & teaching me everything you can about life! Dad you are the most amazing Father I could of asked for. . . You’ve not only shown me how a man should treat a women but you have taught me useful things like. . . L.E.D stands for liquid emitting diode. . . Mom -  Dad really lucked out with you! You are not only an amazing wife. . . but a beyond average Mother! I would not be where I am today with out you two supporting me. . . Thank you for teaching me to be a well rounded independent woman but most importantly teaching me that in a relationship if you lean on each other you can get through anything life throws your way. The good. . . The bad. . . & everything else in between.

Daniel - In a weird way you have prepared me for marriage. . . Our conversations are pretty one way since I’m the one doing all the talking! Maybe a lot of you can relate. . . When you’re trying to talk to your husband or boyfriend sometimes you might as well be talking to a wall! Jokes aside. . .

Daniel you have taught me sacrifice. Marriage is all about sacrifices. I think a lot of people can be selfish in thinking that a sacrifice is something that leaves you empty. When in truth a sacrifice should build you up. Sure at times it will be tough or frustrating but ultimately love is a sacrifice that should leave you feeling full!

All I can say is God knew what he was doing when he gave me you as my Brother! You have helped shape me into the person I am today. You have taught me so much about life. I really appreciate you as a person & thank you for always being willing to listen to whatever I’m talking about! Even though most of the time you don’t really have a choice!


To my Mother & Father in-law - Thank you for being so supportive of Brett and I! Thank you for raising Brett into the man he is today. Getting to know you two has been so wonderful! My Mom has always told me it would be hard for me to find a man to marry. . .  Not in a bad way or anything but she realized that the man I marry would have to have a special heart to not only marry me but to care for my family. Well mostly Daniel. . . I just want to thank you and Andy for not only accepting me into your family but you have been so compassionate when it comes to my special family situation. It really means so much to me! & honestly it takes special people to realize the gift that my family has! I am beyond thankful to be apart of your amazing family!



To my Brother & Sister in-law - Derek & Cheryl - Today I not only became a wife but an Aunt ! Thank you for having 3 wonderful girls! Being Daniels sister is my normal but I do have those life realizations that hit me from time to time. . . Daniel most likely will never be able to make me an Aunt! I am so honoured to be able to be an Aunt to Mykaela, Kayleigh, & Jaylyn. Derek. . . family is so important to Brett & every time we get together I can see the Brother bond you two have. Brett & I have some great memories with you & Cheryl! Derek you have such a great sense of humour. . . I wish Brett was as funny as you are. . Maybe you can give him some pointers. Cheryl you are a wonder woman! Not only does Cheryl have her black belt but she’s an amazing Mother! When I become a Mom I’ll defiantly be coming to you for advice. With that being said I’ve genuinely enjoyed getting to know your family!


To my Brother & Sister in-law - Alyssa & Andy - Thank you for sharing your special time with Brett & I. Alyssa & her husband Andy are newly married! So I want to take a moment. . . if everyone can raise their glass & cheers to the lovely couple! It’s been so special to share this time with you two! Alyssa. . . Even though we have only met a handful of times due to you living in New Zealand! Which is pretty dang cool! I knew early on the impact you had on your little Brother. . . You are such a caring & wonderful Sister to Brett! He would not be the man he is today without you so for that I thank you!




To my husband - We did it! The wedding is the easy part! Life is hard and I think God every day that I have you by my side. You have adored me from day one!

For those of you who don’t know. . . Brett & I met at the gym. .  We went to high school together but never actually met. As my Mom mentioned in her speech we did notice Brett that one day & it’s a day I will always remember.

When I first saw Brett at the gym the first thing I noticed was his well proportioned calves. . .That’s a thing at the gym some guys skip leg day & have chicken legs which is not a good look! The second thing I noticed about Brett is that he had a couple different pairs of shoes. . . Which he changed up every day. You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes. The last thing I noticed was his quiet strong confidence. When he was training his clients he was very composed & you could tell he knew what he was doing. I still remember the day you said Hi to me. . . I made sure to message you on facebook after that! On our first date at the gym I was so nervous. . . trying to figure out which gym outfit to wear! It ended up being the best date ever! I remember my first fart in front of you! I actually forgot I wasn’t suppose to fart. My mom actually farted in front of you first! What a surprise there! I remember the first time you said I love you. . I kind of tricked you into saying it! I said. . “no you hate me” as a joke. . . & Brett replied no I love you! We both kind of got awkward & just looked at each other. Later on you made sure to tell me that you really did mean it. I remember our first trip together. We went to Punta Cana after only knowing each other for a month or so. We spend 7 straight days together & it was the best trip ever! After that trip Brett wrote me a letter & now i’m going to read it to you. . .

Our first Christmas together, isn’t that just the cutest. I wouldn’t have it any other way either, obviously. I know what you’re probably thinking, he’s writing this on the computer how lame but it has to be that way because you probably wouldn’t be able to read my writing, even with you glasses on ;). You already know this but ever since I saw you at the gym, you had my attention. Everything you did, the way you walked and carried yourself I loved. I knew I wanted you and I knew that we would eventually be together as weird as that sounds, it true. It’s amazing to me how strong our love is for each other after such a short time but that’s what true love is. We get along so well and have so much in common which is important for a relationship to work. Our trip together was amazing. I had the best time of my life! Going to bed with you and waking up with you each day was the highlight of my trip. Not dressing up or eating the delicious food, it was you! I feel the trip brought us closer if that was even possible, it was a test for us and we did amazing! No bickering or fight what so ever, everything we did for each other which I love, we made sure that each other was happy with every decision. I love everything about you and appreciate everything that you do for me and my family and I will continue to appreciate you forever till we get old and wrinkly. You’re so passionate about everything you do that says a lot about you. This letter is getting kind of long but I still have more to say and I  know that you don’t like reading so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Love your man!

Brett I am so thankful to have these memories to look back on. I cherish all the letters you have wrote me! I can’t wait to create more memories with you! I am so proud to be your wife. Thank you for choosing me to do life with you! My love for you is endless.

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