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Like seriously. . . This week has been one of those weeks. . . I've been constantly thinking about ways to improve my business. I think that is something most people don't realize when you become an business owner. I didn't even realize the full extant of what I was getting myself into when I started. Especially being a sole proprietor, you are often alone with your ideas or asking friends / family for their input but often times they don't even know the proper advice to give. I am so lucky to have one really good friend who's done this before ( Grace ) some of you locals may know her ;) - She's my go to Babe for everything! 

But seriously. . . I've been thinking nonstop about ideas that I've had on my heart for awhile  now! So many thoughts & questions - What's my goal with Mad Monkey Clothing? Where do I want to take it? How should I develop my brand? What can I be doing better? Should I do this? Or Should I do that? Is this a good decision? 

Business is one those things. . . you either jump all in and make a risky move that could have the potential to help your business. . . OR you could FAIL. . .waste some money. . . & start from scratch again! Business is risky. . . It's hard to know how to go about making the right risky moves. Honestly that's something I've been dealing with lately! I want to be smart, organized, and planned out but a lot of the times you just have to say f*ck it ( for lack of a better word - I'm not a swearer LOL ) & you just have to go for it and put your whole heart into it! 

What should I do? What make sense? What is impulse or intuition? I hope I figure all this out! My brain needs a vacay!!! 


What do you Babes do when you are at odds with a business idea or direction? OR just in life? Any tips on figuring out the path to go? Comment down below your thoughts. I'd love to hear them! 



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