The Launch of. . . The Authentic Babe

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I'll be honest. . . I'm constantly brain storming for Mad Monkey Clothing. I guess it comes with the nature of being a Boss Babe! My goal is to create my empire so I can share with you all things I love! I have big dreams & many passions - LOL that sounds so cheesy. . . 

Anyway! Maybe some of you can relate to what I am about to say. . . Since owning Mad Monkey Clothing I've always been thinking of ways to create more business / following so I can achieve my goals. Often times in my head I feel baffled & overloaded with ideas good / bad. It's truly hard to narrow your ideas down so you can stay true to your brand / what you're trying to accomplish. You can be doubting yourself. . . Maybe you're worried about what others think. . . Or simply you're scared to fail. Ultimately - I've been learning that you HAVE to be AUTHENTICALLY YOU! What are you passionate about? What do you enjoy doing? Who are you? What are your goals in life? What is your purpose? AHHHH so many questions. . . Don't worry - You don't have to answer them all just yet. Although I feel like the questions above are ones we naturally ask ourselves throughout our lives.

Back to being baffled & how I stay focused when it comes to the ideas running around in my head - Think of who you are as a person! Personally what has really helped me is thinking back to my child like self & what I enjoyed playing or doing as a kid! Here's point form of what my 5yr old self truly enjoyed -

  • Playing Store - This has truly been a passion for me since day 1. I used to take my Moms clothes ( sorry Mom ). . . I would price them. . . Display them. .  . & make my Mom come buy them! It even got to the point where my parents bought me a cash register from a second hand store. I was OBSESSED to say the least! 
  • Photo Shoots - I would take photos of myself. Kind of embarrassing to admit but it's true! I must add this photo shoot passion came about when I was older. TBH. . . When I was really young I did not like to be in photos! I was a super shy kid. . .
  • Outfit Changes - I used to change a couple times a day. After I was done with one outfit I would put it in the laundry basket, even if it wasn't dirty. This one drove my Mom nuts!
  • Writing - For some reason I always enjoyed writing cards / words of encouragement in the form of letters! 1. I'm not good at spelling. . . 2. I suck at punctuation. But I was naturally good at writing down my feelings. 

Here's how the points above translate into my life now - 

  • Playing Store - The dream of owning my own store has come true! AKA Mad Monkey Clothing! 
  • Photo Shoots -  Since owning Mad Monkey Clothing & having to keep up w/ Instagram. I am constantly taking photos of myself! 
  • Outfit Changes - I don't have multiple outfit changes anymore LOL But I genuinely love putting my outfits together if I have an event to go to or even just for a lunch date! 
  • Writing - I enjoy writing how I talk rather then being super on point & punctual. That's why I'm launching this blog! The Authentic Babe. 

SEE ! I am a believer in being your Authentic Self!

I hope you enjoyed reading my 1st blog post for The Authentic Babe. 

Love you Babes! xo


The Authentic Babe

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