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Officially Mrs. Ashcroft! 

So many of you have asked me to share more about my wedding! You know I must say it has been so wonderful having you Shop The Authentic Babes invest not only in my business but my life. I seriously feel like we are all friends! Here is a breakdown of tips / vendors / all things I felt helpful! I'm going to be honest. . . I was a really chill bride! I think that's the biggest piece of advice I could give to all you newly engaged babes out there! Obviously you want to create a day that's filled with everything you & your partner want. BUT make sure you focus on the big picture! I personally find a lot of people put so much pressure on that one day being the most magical perfect day ever! When in reality the day goes by sooo fast & life goes back to normal after that. . . I know it's pretty disappointing! Essentially a wedding is a big party celebrating your love! Which is pretty awesome! Whatever happens it meant to happen so don't sweat it & just make sure to roll with it. . . Honestly if something happened where the caterers cancelled out last minute order pizza. . . If your headpiece broke a week before your wedding try & get a new one but if all else fails, don't wear a headpiece! That actually happened to me but luckily the designer was amazing & got me a new one just in time! I guess what I'm trying to say is just keep in mind that 15 years down the road you aren't going to look back & be like. . . my centre pieces weren't exactly how I wanted them. .  or my veil ripped off my head half way down the aisle & it ruined my wedding day! I truly believe it's those moments that we will look back on & laugh about because it's all really about marrying your best friend! 

Oh another piece of advice I have is to not place expectations on people. . . weddings are weird! Friends who you thought would do anything to be there may tell you they can't take work off. . In your mind it's hard to believe since they've had about a year to preplan their time off! 

BRIDESMAIDS - Keep it simple! Less is more. . . I had 5 & they were all great! But there was still drama hear & there organizing the bachelorette. . . wedding day. . . It really is hard to work with everyone & make everyone happy! Heres what I did. . . My bridesmaids picked their own dresses in a blush tone colour! This was the best decision ever in my opinion because they could spend what they wanted & I figured they may wear the dresses again! My husband also did the same for his groomsmen & they all looked great. I gave the option for my bridesmaids to get their hair / makeup done also. Pretty well all of them decided to get their hair done & then we all headed back to my place to do our makeup! That was a really great decision because while the first few were getting their hair done the others were able to run & get food so when we all arrived back at my place we could snack & all put our faces on! 

VENUE - I got married at Whispering Springs! We seriously lucked out with this venue. . . You rent the venue from Friday at 3pm to Sunday at 11am. Therefore you can have your rehearsal dinner Friday night / set up & then have your wedding on Saturday! Heres what we did. . . Friday at 3pm we told whoever wanted to show up to join us for a potluck style dinner! It was seriously so good & we had a lot of food! Our guests were able to enjoy the salt water pool / hot tub. . . lawn games. . . bon fire. . . the list goes on! On Saturday our ceremony was in the forest chapel which is seriously soooo gorgeous! What I loved about the venue is that you didn't really have to decorate much because the scenery was already beautiful! Oh also Saturday morning we had yoga for our guests, which I thought was a really neat option! We had 130 guests & the venue was perfect! You really should check them about because they are beyond amazing people & the venue is just breathtaking!

Here's a link to the venues website -


FLOWERS - The Local Bloom did my flowers! She's amazing! Her price is reasonable & her taste is impeccable! I honestly just explained to her my vision & let her create it! Meredith did an amazing job so make sure to checkout her cute shop! 

Here's a link -


PHOTOS - Mat & Sara! These two are absolutely amazing! On top of being amazing they are so happy & down to earth which is why I love them! Obviously they have serious talent too! 

Here's a link to their website - 


HAIR - Mystic Roots did our hair! I got my hair done by my hair dresser Alison & she's amazing too! All my bridesmaids loved their hair as well. So I would totally recommend Mystic Roots for hair! They even let us bring some champagne! Headpiece - I got an amazing headpiece from the Pearl Bridal House in Toronto! By Tara Fava & it's absolutely gorgeous!

Here's a link for hair -


MAKEUP - We did our own! I had one of my bridesmaids do mine! My makeup turned out amazing thanks to Jenn. <3


LASH EXTENTIONS - Must have! I got mine done in Port Hope, ON - By The Art Of Lash! Susan does amazing work. I would highly recommend her! 

Here a link to her website -


FOOD - We used Ketch's Korner! We did burgers with a baked potato bar. . . So our guests had a beef, chicken, or black bean option! Plus we had some salads! The food was amazing & all of our guest loved the backyard bbq style food! They also made cookies & bit size desserts which were really good as well! Oh & we had late night tacos. . . I personally didn't get to eat them but I heard they were delicious! 

Here's a link to their Facebook page -


THE DRESS - I thought dress shopping was going to be easy. . . NOPE! To be honest I didn't enjoy it one bit! I LOVE Hayley Paige dresses they are all seriously amazing & suit my style! So I went to the Pearl Bridal House in Toronto because they had Hayley Paige & Blush by Hayley Paige which was her cheaper line. I personally didn't want to spend a whole lot on a wedding dress considering you can never wear it again. . . I tried on a bunch there & fell in love with one but it wanted it in ivory & it was $5,000 ( insert eye roll ) I walked away empty handed! But it was such a fun experience! I brought my Mom, Dad, and my Brother! I would recommend keeping your crowd small because it really made my experience that much better! Next I went to a bridal store in Belleville. . . I tried on some dresses that were on the more cost effective side & wanted to love them because of the price but in the end I couldn't say yes. I went to a couple more stores & then ended up at The Project Bride! Which is a place where brides can donate their dresses or sometime stores will donate samples & all the sales goes towards cancer research! I ended up buying a dress for $700 just because I was kind of over the dress search & I saw potential in it & let's get real. . . It was only $700! My plan was to turn it into the dress I had in mind. So I was going to add straps & add a couple of layers of organza on the skirt. . . etc. Anyway long story short - I found a Hayley Paige dress on [ ] It was the one I loved at the first store & it was Ivory! I would honestly recommend hitting up this site to see if you can find a dress. 

ALTERATIONS - I got mine done at Lasting Memories Bridal in Cobourg, ON. Teresa is amazing at what she does! 

Here's the link to her Facebook page -



- Keep speeches short. . . At our wedding we only had our parents say something & then ( us ) The Bride & Groom. I had many of our guests come up to us saying that loved how we kept the speeches short because often times the speeches can drag on for awhile. We did ours towards the end of dinner so our guest could finish up eating / enjoy speeches! I personally thought it worked well that way! 

- Shoes - I wore white leather platform converse. They worked with my dress perfectly & gave me a little extra height! It was honestly one of the best decisions because I was comfortable all day / all night! I couldn't find the exact ones I got but here are some suggestions or similar styles - ( below )

For the boho bride -

Something pink -

For the sparkle bride -

Cute -

Something blue -


I think that's everything! If you have any questions feel free to DM me on Instagram - @shop_theauthentic 







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  • I forgot to add MUSIC. . . We did used Spotify instead of spending money on a DJ! So I set up different playlists – Ceremony playlist so our guests had music playing as the walked into the forest chapel, Bridal party walk, Bride walk, cocktail hour, first dance, party time, ETC. . . In Spotify settings theres a fade feature so each song will fade into each other which is nice that way you don’t have that awkward pause! If you download each playlist you can run it off your phone or iPad without needing an internet connection! We designated one person to run our music for the day & not once did I ever think. . . “We should of hired a DJ” It was honestly a really cost effective decision. All we had to do is rent speakers, a mic, & an aux cord. We rented ours from Long & Mcquade in Cobourg. Later in the night our guest ended up playing songs they wanted to hear, which was great!

    Here’s the link to my wedding dance party playlist! –

    I’m pretty sure if you follow my playlist you can use it for your own wedding / add to it!


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